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A 'Hair Flap', You Say?

I’m Scott, a guy that keeps finding himself in Japan, be it as an exchange student, an Assistant Language Teacher on the JET Programme, or most recently just a dude with a camera. At some point I got the bright idea to share the thoughts and images that came to me while in this amazing country and that’s what this is… a blog called Hair Flap.

As to what the actual words ‘Hair Flap’ might mean, well, that’s gonna take a bit more ‘splainin’…

Hair Flap!?

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Let’s Visit Aoba Shrine!

A few weeks ago, Mary and I wanted to go back up to Omoshiroyama and check out a flower park we’d heard about. Unfortunately, we missed the train for that by mere moments so we suddenly had a free afternoon in front of us. Fortunately, we weren’t too far... read more

Sendai Castle is Missing… Kind of

We’d been in Sendai for almost 5 months before finally getting up to the site of Sendai Castle, which is odd considering it’s, at most, a 15 minute bike ride away. I think one of the reasons we kept putting it off was that we knew there wasn’t a... read more

Less Death, Than Life: Photography & Decay

I’ve been thinking lately about what kinds of things grab my eye and prompt me to raise the camera to my eye and take a shot. So often it’s old and weathered things, what I’ve sometimes heard referred to as ‘Decay Porn.’ There’s... read more

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