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A 'Hair Flap', You Say?

I’m Scott, a guy that keeps finding himself in Japan, be it as an exchange student, an Assistant Language Teacher on the JET Programme, or most recently just a dude with a camera. At some point I got the bright idea to share the thoughts and images that came to me while in this amazing country and that’s what this is… a blog called Hair Flap.

As to what the actual words ‘Hair Flap’ might mean, well, that’s gonna take a bit more ‘splainin’…

Hair Flap!?

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Afternoon Stroll in Ikebukuro

I swear, one of these days I’ll having something to write about as well but for the moment, I’m just trying to get into a normal swing of a sustainable photo workflow. You might say I’m trying to develop a photo routine. Get it? <sigh>... read more

Shinjuku at Night

I have fond memories of Shinjuku at night. The first time I visited was in 1997 on an epic trip with fellow exchange students and friends, Damon, Louis and Mike. There was a bit of a story, but the gist of it is that the place we’d arranged to stay at fell... read more

The Shape of Things to Come… [Pt 2 of 2]

Even though I’ve only visited there for a couple days in total, I really like Sendai so far. It’s got a good, energetic vibe but is still totally warm. During my walk around town when I took these photos, it wasn’t unusual for people to greet me as... read more

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