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A 'Hair Flap', You Say?


Hi, I’m Scott, a guy that keeps finding himself in Japan, be it as an exchange student, an Assistant Language Teacher on the JET Programme, or most recently just a dude with a camera. At some point I got the bright idea to share the thoughts and images that came to me while in this amazing country and that’s what this is… a blog called Hair Flap.

As to what the actual words ‘Hair Flap’ might mean, well, that’s gonna take a bit more ‘splainin’…

Hair Flap!?

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Grey Hanami at Osaka Castle 2017

After all the hype, this year turned out to be a thoroughly grey and wet Hanami on the day we made our outing under the blooming Sakura trees. That's not to say the whole season was like that, of course. It just happened that the day we met up with some Mary's...

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Prelude to Hanami 2017

It's been colder than usual, for longer than usual this year. That means that Hanami is a tad delayed. That's fine though since I still have some photos from last year's Sakura season to tide us over until the skies are thick with pink petals and the parks are full...

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Out From the Shadows

Hooooooly smokes, y'all. First post in eight months, that was a rather substantial lapse in activity here, eh? So where the hell have I been and what the hell have I been up to? First things first, 'cause I tend to ramble. Before I lose you in loquaciousness, I...

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