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B-Sides: Streets of Sendai

When I make a post, there's usually some kind of general theme or timeframe that ends up grouping the images into some kind of coherent collection, but there's always orphans of that process. I'll invariably end up with a few odd shots here and there that don't...

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A Glimpse of Imazato’s “New Road”

A while back, while I was waiting to meet my wife for an event, I found myself strolling around the neighborhood of Imazato and came across a time portal. Okay, not exactly, but it might as well have been. What it actually was, was a local, 1km long shōtengai (商店街), a...

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Grey Hanami at Osaka Castle 2017

After all the hype, this year turned out to be a thoroughly grey and wet Hanami on the day we made our outing under the blooming Sakura trees. That's not to say the whole season was like that, of course. It just happened that the day we met up with some Mary's...

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