Sweet, sweet favicon goodness

by Jun 28, 20020 comments

Oh my GOD is this sweet!! Please direct your attention to the URL address in your browser and note the sweet-ass Hair Flap icon that graces you whenever you visit my humble, digtal abode. It doesn’t work in all browsers (such as my preferred OmniWeb), but it does work in most. If you can’t see it, it should look like this.

Some of you may be wondering what that thing is right about now, so I’ll clue you in. It’s the first kanji in my town, ‘Fukuma’ which is written as so:


It basically means ‘Gate to Happiness’ or ‘Gate of Happiness’ or ‘El Gato de Happy-Happy.’ I’m happily ignoring the fact that that last one means ‘happy happy cat.’ I’m just too exhausted to care right now.

Not all posts will be as mundane as this for those who are wondering if this kind of lameness is part and parcel of the new format. I’m suffering from lack of sleep and WAY too much exposure to little-bastard-elementary school kids to write anything else. I’m off to collapse on my couch until my hunger wakes me up. L8r.

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