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by Nov 1, 20020 comments

A few bits of randomness for ya as we head into the (for me, three-day) weekend.

I’ve run across a few really great little apps for OS X recently that are making me a very happy little puppy. Since it appears by my web stats, that over 60% of Hair Flap readers are on Mac (I knew I surrounded myself with people of good taste. ;), I thought it might be nice to mention them here.

The first app is called Wraparound. It’s basically the OS X version of my beloved CursorWrap which I had been using since the days of MacOS 8.6. Wraparound (and CursorWrap for thouse of you still in OS 8-9) enables your cursor to go off the edge of the screen and pop back up on the opposite side. If you go off the left, it shows up on the right; drag up past the top and there you are at the bottom. It sounds too simple to be useful at first, but trust me after a week or two of using it, you won’t be able to use a computer without it and not feel like you’re trapped in a cage. It’s easily one of the simplest productivity boosters I’ve ever used.

The second is called Searchbar. This one makes your life easier by allowing you set a hotkey combination (in my case, it’s option-spacebar) which will pop up a little box that enables you input a web search on the mighty Google, or any other of a gaggle of included search engines that are included.

After you hit the return key, the box disappears and brings up the results of your search in your default browser. Again, this sounds too simple to be worth the download, but you immediately notice how much time you save by not having to open a browser window, select the address field, type ‘’, wait for the page to load, enter your search and press return again. Streamlining, baby. We’re cutting the number of steps in half, and if you use Google as much as I do, that’s a lot of saved time that adds up. I love it!!

In other news, Nicole finally got around to updating A Life Less Ordinary. Not only is there loads o’ new content, there’s also a funky new layout for Halloween!! I’ve been meaning to mention that for a week or so now, but I keep updating when I’m half asleep and always forget to mention it. Sorry, Nicole.

Well, it’s Three-day Weekend Heaven starting in 4 1/2 hours, baby! For a change I’m going to do absolutely nothing and just try and catch my breath from the breakneck pace it seems like I’ve been running at for the past month. I promised CuteRomanianGirl I would try and cook her dinner at some point, so that could be a disaster/fun-entry in the making. What makes me think that evening will be ending in going out to a restaurant? 😛

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