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by Nov 11, 20020 comments

Ahhhhh, that impromptu one-week vacation felt great. Sorry to all 47 people that dropped by to see what I was up to only to see the same stale postings from the week before. I had an emotionally draining couple of days that weekend and just couldn’t be bothered to update. I hope that was cryptic enough for you, cause that’s all your getting regarding that.

We’ve got some fun catching up and bunch o’ random crap to get to though, so let’s hop to it.

I’ll start with what is quite possibly the most entertaining bit o’ fluff today, which I’m sure is top on everyone’s list of essential Japan news. Yes, that’s right, you can all rest easy; The Japanese Apple Switcher ads are the same as their U.S. counterparts. Exactly the same actually. I mean, they even have this wacked out Momoko chick who is apparently the Japanese version of Ellen. I don’t know how many of you speak Japanese, but even if you don’t, you can probably tell that this girl is just… off. If Ellen was stoned, Momoko is blind stinking drunk. It’s too bad they cut off the part where she hurls on the camera. Anyway, check it out for a laugh, you won’t be sorry.

There’s actually more I wanted to mention, but it’s getting late and I’ve been distracted by X-Files, so I’m calling it a night. Don’t fret, that just means that you’re guaranteed more goodness tomorrow. Sweet, eh?

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