Fun on a Bun

by Apr 4, 20030 comments

I now offer a smattering of random photos taken in recent days with the embedded camera on my cell phone.

They get a tad bigger if clicked on, but not much. It’s a phone, what do you want?

Recently Heard in Fukuma

“I think I’m gonna go home early today and nip this SARS in the bud.”


Mic-Master Atsushi, one of my absolute favorite teachers who has sadly been transferred to another school this year, singing her ass off. (Please note the funky hand-gun pose.)

Ben outside of Q’s dance club, looking like he’s ready to beam up to his ship waiting in orbit.


The infamous Nakamura family. They often have me over for dinner (and when they’re feeling ballsy will come to my place for dinner). They’re cool.

This is a poster for a new karaoke system called “GIT-DX”. Try saying it out loud. Go on.

No, Fletcher and I are not drunk in Tenjin and we are definitely not, in any way, confiscating these traffic cones and taking them back to the train station with us by taxi. So just get it out of your head!!

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