In need of a postcard alternative

by Apr 23, 20030 comments

View from Canal City shopping center, in Fukuoka City

I have a problem that I’m going to need your help on. A few weeks ago, we had a “Postcard Contest” wherein those who correctly answered a question would get a postcard straight from the bustling burg of Fukuma. Sadly, what I have come to understand is that Japan doesn’t think the idea of postcards is all that smashing because I can’t find them anywhere.

So the issue is thus, I’d really like to do something like the Postcard Contest, but since postcards aren’t going to happen, what should it be? I thought about a little souvenier cookie which seems to be so popular here, but that’s no fun because you just eat it once and then your Fukuma-ness is gone. On the other hand, I’m not about to start sending back samurai swords every time somebody correctly answers an answer to some silly question I post.

So get to it!! Come up with something clever (and inexpensive!!) that you’d like to see on the occasion that you perform some fearless feat of Flapping wonder. C’mon people, do my work for me!! Make it happen!!

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