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by May 21, 20030 comments

Rice field next to platform at Fukuma Station

Heaps of thanks to those that have been offering helpful pointers on the English Town Guide. I’m fortunate enough to have, not only a slew of English teachers reading this site, but also a professional proofreader(!), all of whose contributions have gone a long way into making this document much better and more professional than it otherwise would have been.

This whole experience has only made me realize, however, how crappy my usual writing/punctuation/grammar usually is, so now I’m totally self-conscious and hitting the backspace key every three words to make sure I’m not making some subtle guffaw that you elitist snobs will crucify me for. ^_- Don’t worry, this will probably last about a week and then I’ll be back to the ruthlessly unruly raping of written English that you’ve come to expect from me.

I’ll have an updated version with all the suggested changes up by tommorrow, and hopefully I’ll have also fixed some of the other problems with the pictures that people had been mentioning. It’s my first time to use Acrobat, so I’m figuring things out as I go.

Now, on to the other thing that I was gonna mention, the new contest system. I came up with the whole idea and even solicited readers for suggestions on what would be an interesting prize system since there seems to be very few picture postcards in Japan, and certainly none of Fukuma in any case. After getting all kinds of neat ideas and throwing in a few of my own, I discovered yesterday, of all the fucking days, that I have access to a machine that can make photo-quality postcards that I can drop in the mail. It’s times like this that the the phrase, “Oh for fuck’s sake!” was fashioned.

So while I could go back to just the postcard idea, I’m quite fond of the other options that were tossed my way, so we’re just going to stick with that as well as throwing the postcards in for good measure. Details on what I like to call, “the dilly,” can be found on Contest section of the Misc page.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some photos from one of the more notable banes of my existence; Taiikusai, the school Sports Festival.

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