Keyword Logs, You Wound Me!

by May 22, 20040 comments

One of the funniest parts of running this site is checking the search logs. For those who weren’t aware, whenever someone does a web search and follows those results to a site, those keywords are logged in that site’s… uh, logs.

Of course there’s plenty of expected searches, like ‘living in japan,’ ‘japanese high schools,’ ‘engrish’ and the like, but some of this stuff is just so out of left field that it’s entertainment in itself. Check out some of the searches this month that have brought people to the Flap.

  • chillin
  • hernia
  • help a shark
  • kids who know there mommy’s are going to spank them (wtf!?!? -ed)
  • annoying sounds monica seles
  • clutch cargo pictures (threw that one in for you, Fletcher! -ed)
  • flap dancing (I did NOT make that up. -ed)
  • i spank my kids with their pants down (WHY does spanking keep bringing people here??? -ed)
  • kitten and a puppy together picture
  • leprosy in japan
  • or i’ll spank you (Sigh. -ed)
  • sad coffee
  • saisho wa gu (Bwahahahaha!! -ed)
  • sensei fletcher (Look, Fletch! Someone is seeking you out! -ed)
  • why do dogs act wild around the kitten (This one is too easy. -ed)
  • why i want to live in japan (Aha, looks like someone is researching their JET application. -ed)
  • workplace apathy (Aha, looks like someone is researching their JET application. -ed)

And last but not least, someone please go through the archives and tell me why my site came up when someone searched for:

  • show me a picture of a dog humping it’s owner

You can’t see me, but I’m weeping right now. -_-

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