The Shape of Things to Come… [Pt 2 of 2]

by May 7, 20150 comments

150413Sendai.untitled shoot.15.04.13.-065

Even though I’ve only visited there for a couple days in total, I really like Sendai so far. It’s got a good, energetic vibe but is still totally warm. During my walk around town when I took these photos, it wasn’t unusual for people to greet me as we passed on the street, in Japanese no less. After a few months of living in Tokyo where the average person probably just assumes that you’re a hapless tourist and greets you in English, if they greet you at all, this was a pleasant change of pace.

150413Sendai.untitled shoot.15.04.13.-056

150413Sendai.untitled shoot.15.04.13.-053

150413Sendai.untitled shoot.15.04.13.-060

150413Sendai.untitled shoot.15.04.13.-064

150413Sendai.untitled shoot.15.04.13.-067

150413Sendai.untitled shoot.15.04.13.-074

150413Sendai.untitled shoot.15.04.13.-076

150413Sendai.untitled shoot.15.04.13.-079

150413Sendai.untitled shoot.15.04.13.-080

150414Sendai.untitled shoot.15.04.14.-083We move into our apartment next week and man are we pumped. Aside from just getting out of a temporary furnished apartment and into our own space, I think we’re really looking forward to seeing what this wonderful city has in store for us.



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