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A 'Hair Flap', You Say?

Hi, I’m Scott, a guy that keeps finding himself in Japan, be it as an exchange student, an Assistant Language Teacher on the JET Programme, or most recently just a dude with a camera. At some point I got the bright idea to share the thoughts and images that came to me while in this amazing country and that’s what this is… a blog called Hair Flap.

As to what the actual words ‘Hair Flap’ might mean, well, that’s gonna take a bit more ‘splainin’…

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B-Sides: Sendai Station at Night

B-Sides: Sendai Station at Night

Some shots from back in Sendai that I never got around to posting. Always a fun area brimming with activity, as it serves the local trains as well as the Shinkansen (bullet train) line which brings in people from all over the country. This one was technically taken in...

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From the Streets of Minoo

From the Streets of Minoo

Minoo is a town in the North of Osaka at the base of the hills. It's home to the increasingly well-known craft brewer Minoh Beer. These were snapped on the sleepy neighborhood streets while walking to their annual beer festival (well, one of them anyway) in the park...

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B-Sides: Osaka & (kind of) Nara

B-Sides: Osaka & (kind of) Nara

Today's serving of images features some goodies from around the Kansai area. As Mary and I were coming home one evening from something, somewhere, we found ourselves on the Keihan Main line, which we don't often ride. The waterfront view from the train looked...

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福岡県宗像郡福間町 2001-2004


東京都豊島区池袋 Spring 2015


宮城県仙台市青葉区 2015


大阪市天王寺区 2016-Present

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