Corrections & Apologies

Our “Corrections & Apologies” editor has informed me of a grievous miscarriage of justice-itude in yesterday’s post. I asserted that I had been directed to the Matrix Essays site by Malik, which is actually true; Malik IM’ed me the link and...

Matrix, still has you, blah blah

You know, I had all kinds of things I was looking forward to talking about, but then, thanks to Malik, I came across a site chock-full o’ Matrix Essays, which consumed me pretty much from 3pm-11pm. My brain now hurts. Good Night.

The Hair Flap has you

I saw Matrix Reloaded this weekend. Three words, my friends: fuck, ing, sweet. Okay, that should only be two words, but my enthusiasm comes across so much better if they’re as three. I will now offer my thoughts on the film, so if you haven’t seen it...

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