The Flapper, Himself

Hi, I’m Scott, amateur photography enthusiast, Portland native, Japan liver-in-er and the utterly unqualified host of this blog called Hair Flap.

I started this site back in 2001, when I was living in Japan while on the JET Programme. Shortly after I arrived I realized that each day spawned so many interesting (and sometimes deliciously banal) stories about life in Japan that I just had to share them with everyone I knew. At a time when LiveJournal was still the de facto way to share thoughts online, I instead decided to dip my toes into the relatively young publishing format of the weblog, or ‘blog’.

During those three years in Japan (2001-2004), I did my best to post stories, photos and even the occasional insights into life abroad from my perspective. I’m not going to tell you that they were the best-written, most thought-provoking material ever written about Japan but I always did my best to make things at least entertaining enough that it justified opening a browser window and pointing the address field to my chuckle-worthy URL.

After returning to the US for 10 years, I’m back living in Japan again and it just seemed natural to want to pick up things here on the site right where I’d left off.

This time around I seem to be focusing more on photography as the primary medium of the blog (as opposed to writing, in its last incarnation) but there’s always going to be that angle on Japanese life and culture simply due to the fact that this is where I am and that it’s the proven to be one of the most effective things to inspire me to pick up a camera.

So kick back, load up a post or two and let’s look at some photos together. Thanks for dropping by!



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