The Unnamed Update

by Oct 21, 20010 comments

I’ll admit it. I suck. My apologies to anyone who actually looks at this site, for my poor performance thus far in getting updates up on a regular and reasonable basis. I’ve discovered that without my own digital camera, this is damn near impossible, since getting a hold of Fletcher (or even finding the time to try and get a hold of him) in order to borrow his camera is a futile effort.

So I’m shopping around for a reasonable camera that’ll get the job done at the moment for not too much cash, which shouldn’t be too big of a problem since all the new-season models are coming out and dealers are trying to clear out their old ones. Sweet.

So without making any more promises I can’t make good on, I will simply say that I will post something “soon.” Thanks for being patient and not sending me hate mail. 😉


Mini Update:

I just had to write a brief blurb about the class I just came from cause I’m still laughing about it. Today, we started by having the class break into groups. Then I would read a sentence along the lines of “This is something you use when…” or “This is somewhere you go when…”, and they would then guess what I was talking about and write their answer in their space on the board.

There was one group, good ol’ group #6, which was comprised chiefly of amusing perverts who kept coming up with unexpected answers. When I said, “This is something you use when you take a picture,” instead of answering ‘camera’ as I had hoped, they wrote ‘woman’! I couldn’t belive I was reading this answer to the class.

Now, in Japan, the jingle for 7-Eleven goes “Seven Eleven, ii-kibun (good feeling). So next I tell the class, “This is somewhere you go for ii-kibun,” which amuses many of them because they figure out that it’s a joke and write 7-Eleven on the board. All except group #6 that is, who’s idea of the place to go for ii-kibun was “bed”!! Did I mention this was in a Jr. High English class?? Sadly, I was laughing too hard to scold them for what bad children they were. So much for being a responsible shaper of young minds.

Never a dull moment in Japan, folks.

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