Morimoto-Sensei utterly destroys innacuracy and tidies up afterwards

by Dec 10, 20010 comments

Yet another case in point – the other day I go into the front office to make some copies and say hi to the nice ladies who work there. One of the nice ladies in question, Morimoto-sensei is busy filling out some huge form when she suddenly realizes that she’s made a mistake.

Without missing a beat, she grabs her battery-powered eraser(!!!), which emits an offensive amount of noise and proceeds to rub the offending graphite out of existence, leaving only the smell of burnt rubber and a debris field of eraser shavings. She quickly discards the battery-powered eraser and pulls out from God-knows-where, a tiny broom and dust pan, seemingly created for the sole purpose of tidying up battery-powered eraser shavings, which she then uses to tidy up the battery-powered eraser shavings.

The only reason I expect anyone to believe such an absurd story is the fact that I have pictures from a re-enactment that I forced Morimoto-sensei to do. She assures me that this is not normal for Japan and that she’s just a freak, but I still get the feeling that I could never have seen this anywhere else. 😀

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