Computer Desktop Decor, Holiday-style

by Dec 18, 20010 comments

While you can see a little holiday cheer in the city, for the most part you don’t see a whole lot of Christmas decor here in Japan. To help compensate, I do what I can to deck out my computer’s interface with the proverbial Spirit o’ th’ Season®. As usual, click the pic to see what it is I’m yapping about and for a larger version.

(Dad, please note that the legendary purple ball is present. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without it, would it?)

For anyone who cares about the particulars if you want to set up something similar on your own OS X system (everyone is running OS X, riiiiiight??!?), I’m running Xmas Lights along the top of the screen, the beautiful Snö Desktop application which provides the gently falling snowflakes in the background that you see, a hacked, holiday version of iTunes thanks to the resources at ResExcellence and a plethora o’ Holiday icons from

Oh yeah, and Last Christmas in my music playlist was provided by Wham! It just wouldn’t be Christmas without that either, now would it? 😛



Lastly, this past week was the Student Body Elections at my school. Apparently there’s no platforms or campaign promises, they just yell at you from behind their banners as you walk by in the morning, begging you to please vote for them and hope it was loud enough to persuade you to see why you should (is it just me or was that sentence crap?).

At least one guy got into the shaking hands routine. Of course, his outreached hand was ignored by about 10 people before he basically attacked this guy and made him shake hands for a photograph – just like a real politician. You go, Girl!! Er… I mean, dude.

So that’s it until I get my computer back from Apple-Japan which I’m hoping should be inside of a week. See y’all soon!!

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