Instant Spring!

by Mar 15, 20020 comments

So I’m riding my bike to school in the morning the other day, bundled from the harsh cold in my coat, gloves and scarf. I mean, it was cold! I wasn’t just wearing them to be stylish (and stylish I was!!). Then halfway to school, all of a sudden, the sun comes up and it’s shorts weather!! It was really that fast. Craziness.

Needless to say it was instant-sweat-city and I had to stop and get off my bike to shed a few layers so I wouldn’t evaporate before I got to school. I don’t know what the weather’s like where you are (unless you’re here that is), but spring has definitely arrived in Fukuma.

Along with spring, a few new entries have sprouted up in the Engrish section. And by “few,” I mean “one.”

A few more potentially useless links are up in the brand spankin’ new Links page.

Does life get much better than a Hair Flap update?

Ita-koto aru no?

Judging by the results of Hair Flap’s first ever public poll, it looks like most of you do not, in fact, feel that I abuse the Right of the Comma too much. This makes feel all warm and full of sunshine on the inside.

For the three of you that don’t know what a comma is, I can instruct you in the use of this ‘grammatical duct tape’ for a nominal fee. I am a professional English instructor, don’t you know. 😛


For this week’s poll, I’m curious to know how many readers have actually been to Japan before. It will help me determine how much to patronize you when explaining things.

This Week’s Poll
Have you ever been to Japan?Yes
What is this “Japan” you speak of? It intrigues me. 

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