…a three minute tour, a three minute tour.

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Recently Overheard in Fukuma:

“I’m getting heartburn. Rory, do something terrible!” -Ben

So how many months have I been here now and I still haven’t shown y’all around my place o’ work, Fukuma Higashi Junior High School. It’s a pretty jazzy little Jr. High on the top of a hill (much to my bike-riding chagrin) which is far removed from the little town of Fukuma where I live. Don’t believe me? Then you’ve obviously forgotten the pictures I posted ages ago highlighting my bike ride to school. That’s okay, click here to take a trip down memory lane and all will be forgiven.

Anyway, I’ve put together a quick walk around of the school and some of it’s common sights. So, less talk, more show.

So after many months, you finally have enough mental imagery to imagine me at work, working away on work. Something I know everybody does all the time.

Salutations from Fukuma!

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