Back, Bad, Black and Mad

by Jun 24, 20020 comments

Please note, this post is referring to an earlier version of the site design. I’ve left it in here for the sake of being complete, but it’s referencing things that don’t look like that any more. I apologize for the trauma.

Welcome to Hair Flap 3.0!! I’m not sure it was worth the wait, nothing too special or elaborate, but several orders of magnitude better that it was. So what’s new you ask? Let’s run through the list.

→As I elaborate in the new About page, I’ve broadened my horizons a bit regarding the content. In the interest of making the site a little more personal and a little less journalistic, from now on I’ll be writing about whatever I need to get off my chest when I sit myself down in front of the keyboard. Some people will hate this, because they only come here to read about Japan and couldn’t care less about me. Other people will like it because this means that the number of updates will be increasing to a couple times a week since I don’t have to concentrate on a big topic and try and make it relevant and all that bollocks.

What that basically means to you, is that you can probably look forward to two or three updates a week since I’ll just write about what-the-hell ever. The way we’ll work it is that I’ll just keep adding entries to the home page until Sunday, then throw that into the archive and start a new page for the new week. Coo’?

→Since common, and sometimes insignificant, updates will now be the norm, I’m wondering if I should keep up the email notification list. For the people who were signed up for it on the old site, do you really want to get two or three emails a week from me telling you something new is rearing it’s ugly head at Hair Flap? Lemme know what the dilly is by clicking here and casting yo’ vote.

→In keeping with the new, more personal direction, I’ve decided to stop censoring myself. I imagine very few 10 year-olds are reading this anyway, so I figure that if I feel the need for a ‘colorful metaphor’ than by-golly, there’s gonna be a ‘colorful metaphor’ on this here page, deal with it. Just wanted to warn you in advance. I imagine most, if any, complaints about this will come from my Mom. Sorry in advance, Ma. ^_-

Let’s see, what else is new around here?

→The ‘Who Am I?’ page is now the About page, and it’s been completely redone. Check it out.

→I hate, hate, HATE the Engrish page in it’s present form. I hate the banner, I hate the picture layout, I hate…. uh, I dunno…the way it talks about me behind my back when we go to parties. I hate it with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns. You can expect this monstrosity to be redone in the near future.

That being said, one cool new feature about Engrish that I do like, is Engrish Lite (link removed as it no longer exists). Since many people just like to check the new entries from week to week, I figure there’s no reason to make you load the entire Engrish Archive, wasting reams of innocent bandwidth just to see two lousy pictures. With this in mind, I have concocted a popup feature for the new entries which will only show the most recent postings. This will be included as a text-based link on the main page, while clicking the button in the navbar on the left will redirect you to the entire archive (which will also include the newest postings). Cool, eh?

→The Miscellaneous page is up, but there’s no content in any of the categories yet (music, book reviews, desktops). Content exists, I just don’t have it ready to go yet. I hope to have that stuff up by next week.

→I’ve expanded the entry descriptions in the Archive, which should make it easier to find specific entries you may be looking for. This is relevant to everyone except Dan who will still refuse to search for anything and will simply email me and ask for a link to whatever it is he might be looking for (Look Dan, I mentioned you on the site!!).

Of course, some things are still in flux as I iron the last of the rough edges out (such as that afore-mentioned and damnable Engrish page, grrrrrrrrrr). So since I’m going to be changing some things anyway, now is your time to put your voice to work and have it heard. I’d love to hear any and all feedback you have about the new look. I already know that some things look a little weird if you have your monitor set to anything above 1024×768, I’m workin’ on it. Come to think of it, let’s do another poll on it. Click here to let me know what you have your resolution set to, just so I know how much I should actually worry about it.

Tech feedback is also a good thing; I’ve tested in all major browsers for Mac, with much success, but have only done passing tests with Windoze because…. well, I just can’t be bothered to use the damn thing. So if you have a minute, let me know how it looks in your browser regardless of what you’re using. Better yet, if you know how, take a snapshot of your desktop with Hair Flap in your browser and email it to me so I can see how it looks firsthand.

That about wraps it up for the premiere of FHF 3.0. I’m going to take it easy for now and let everyone play around with the new layout. I’ll throw up another update sometime before the end of the week

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