Kicking it up a knotch… BAM!

by Jul 10, 20020 comments

Word to the wise: when eating yakiniku, make damn sure you cook the meat you’re about to subject to your insides. Apparently I overlooked this bit o’ wisdom when partaking in yakiniku Friday night, which I paid for dearly during the hours of Saturday & Sunday this past weekend. It was pure hell I tell you. I couldn’t even stand up croocked, much less straight, without the intense fear that my intestines were going to instantly liquify and pour out all over the floor. Not the prettiest of pictures, I’m sorry, but I had to make clear just how shite I felt. But I’m better now, so on to the good stuff.

Halleluja, the site… is… DONE!! All remaining pages are up and running. I am absolutely in love with how the Desktop Snapshots section turned out, which is ironic considering it’s probably the most irrelavent page on this entire site. Ah well.

Music pages are back up and running again, look for new mp3’s soon as well as the first of many music reccomendations to come your way in a few days (I just couldn’t be bothered to write it up tonight).

Music links have long since been removed. Sorry about that.

Got a few more offerings for you in the form of Engrish Lite by clicking right here, or the Engrish Archives (which have yet to be redesigned. It’s on my list, get off my back!) by clicking on the Engrish button to your left. This week’s contribution comes courtesy of Fletcher’s mom, who sent this to me way back when she came to visit him but until recently got lost in the endless span of my inbox. Sorry about that Mrs. Rusch. Thanks for the pic!! 😀

You know, sometimes I forget I’m living in Japan. I mean, there’s lots of clues, like everyone looking Japanese, speaking crap you don’t understand, ninjas battling each other in the street and all, but sometimes all that just goes by me and I forget what an interesting place I’m actually living in.

While sipping some Earl Grey and enjoying the cool summer air on my balcony the other night something occurred to me. I saw the flower shop across the street which was closed for the night (no surprise, since it was like midnight) and which you can see in the photo to your left.

The thing that got me is that the store is closed….and it looks just like you can see in the photo. Please note the utter slew of plants that are out in the open, not covered, locked down or secured in any other way.I’m from Portland, which is a pretty tame city as far as crime is concerned, but even there, if a flower shop left crap out like this, it’d be akin to posting a sign in the parking lot like this:

For all the things I can complain about in Japanese culture, it’s pretty neat to live in a place where people can be trusted to not be complete, degenerate arseholes, eh?

Back in a day or two, peeps. I’m off to console Fletcher and his grief over the mess the hot-dog contest turned into. What a sports nut.

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