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Fukuma @ 5am

You know, it really annoys me how juxtopositions of “Man & Nature” in art are usually steeped in irony and sarcasm. It’s always some commentary on how beautiful Nature is and how ugly and clumsy the manmade world is and how absurd they look when thrown together.

What a load of shit.

When I’m coming home at five a.m. after a night of dancing my @$$ off and I see something like what you see to the right, I want to cry it’s so beautiful. I mean, not just a little bit, I honestly start to feel like that freaky kid in American Beauty that goes around videotaping everything he thinks is beautiful.

I honestly don’t see how someone can look at something like that photo and not understand the inherent beauty contained in the dissonance between the natural and artificial world. It’s is exactly because they are so different that they are so felicitous at bringing out each other’s aesthetic qualities.

God I love the city.

[In the above paragraphs, please note my use of neato words such as juxtaposition, dissonance and felicitous. My, how sesquipedalian of me.]

**Health Check Update**

Ikeda-san, our supervisor, comes up to us today and explains that the health checks are going to be “public,” i.e. a bunch of Town Office employees will be lined up waiting for their turn, will go behind a curtain with the doc and get…ya know….. health checked. She then sidelines into how, if we need to, we can go to a private doctor at another hospital since she knows privacy is an issue with us.

“So, you can go do the group check, and the results will then be handed to the Superintendent,” she says, “or you can go to a private doctor and the results will then be handed to the Superintendent.”

‘Did she fail math?’ I wonder, cause this ain’t adding up. I’ve lost count how many times both myself and Fletcher have told her that the Health Check is not the issue, it’s the handling of the results!! Who gives a rip if the examination is private if the results are going to get the same treatment they would anyway!!?!?!

That’s like saying, “Excuse me waitress. You dropped these scrambled eggs on the floor on the way over here, do you really expect me to eat them?”

“No sir, of course not. How about I have the chef whip up some eggs sunny-side up and I’ll drop those on the floor on the way over here instead?”

I mean, how can I not ask, what……the……hell?

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