Diet Pepsi… yeah, that’ll be the day

by Sep 18, 20020 comments

Bridge in Kokura

So, lemme tell you what awaited me at school this morning. I walk in, dripping in fresh sweat from my bike ride (damn that Hill!! I never sweat until I get to The Hill!) and all the other 3rd year teachers are carrying duffel bags and getting ready to leave.

Leave where, you ask? Oh just to the three-day study-camp that they’re going on with the entire 3rd year student body. Yeah, thanks for telling me, much less inviting me, you FUCKING JACKASSES!!! Really proud to be a part of the team, guys. Cheers. >:-(

It’s times like this that I’m glad I found Wolf Hardeyk’s New Anger Success Program (those easily offended by harsh language need not follow this link). It’s helped me put my anger to work for me in ways I never dreamed possible.

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