Passing the buck

by Sep 20, 20020 comments

Since I’ve been so lax in writing this week it looks like I’m going to have to pass the buck for Japan-related entertainment. Luckily that won’t be a problem this week. There’s plenty o’ good stuff to go around. For example…

Nicole has updated A Life Less Ordinary with Part Two of her hanabi(fireworks) experience, some initial impressions of her teaching job so far and, (this is what I’m most excited about) the prologue to her murder-mystery which will be occuring in weekly(?) installments. My, how Alexandre Dumas of you, Nicole.

I also came across a nice little site called Japaning. It features humorous/sarcastic commentary (right up my alley) on Japanese culture and daily life. Not a whole lot there, but what’s there is good. Worth a look-see.

It’s a three day weekend and I’m heading off to Kumamoto to check in on my old stomping grounds (for those who are unaware, I was in Kumamoto for a year during university). Pictures and anecdotes are sure to follow.

Finally, a Public Service Announcement: Spirited Away opens today in select cities.

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