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by Oct 30, 20020 comments

Just when I think Fletcher can’t get any weirder, he goes and eats a head of cabbage. Not in a salad, not cooked, not nothing. He just puts in a bowl and eats it like potato chips, occasionally dipping a piece in a dish of soy sauce. Weird.

Man, has it chilled down here quick! Just last week I was riding to school in just a long sleeve shirt and today already I’m busting out my scarf. If I can just manage to avoid catching the cold that seems to be going around, I should be all right. I did manage to avoid that afore-mentioned and much-hated Daylight Saving Time switchover though, so I should be able to avoid a silly cold.

Just to quell any rumors that might be brewing over yesterday’s post, yes, it’s true, I hate DST with a flaming rancor that I have reserved for the very few things in life that go out of their way to deserve it. Fortunately, this menace doesn’t exist in Japan so I don’t have to deal with it this year, but it looks like it managed to get me worked up anyway.

It’s just so damn useless and yet inconvenient that it infuriates me to no end. Actually, that’s not even it; it’s that it’s stupid and inconvenient, yet people keep doing it!! It’s like resistance to the metric system. There is a better way, so why are you fighting it!? Anyway, if you didn’t check out the link I mentioned yesterday, I strongly suggest you take a look at and see why you should sign the petition to kill DST once and for all.

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