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Okay, this is just wierd. I was under the impression that about 10 people knew about this site and visited it on a semi-regular basis, like maybe once a week but probably more like once every two weeks or something. However, I’m showing upwards of 50-60 hits a week on this proverbial puppy! Unless some of you are checking for updates a few times a day, from differenent computers, I have no idea where all this traffic is coming from. Not that it matters really, I’m happy people bother to read this thing at all. My curiosity is getting the better of me though so if you have a quick second, take a look at the poll to your right and let me know how you ended up on this little corner o’ th’ web. I’m dying to know. (This’ll be up all week, so feel free to vote Sunday.)

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How did you find Hair Flap?You told me.

Fletcher told me.

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Fletcher wins the prize for introducing me to the most unexpectedly sweet song that I otherwise would never have known about. Most people have probably been unfortunate enough to hear a few Snoop Dogg tracks in their time, so it came as a shock to me that a remake of his track Gin and Juice would strike such a chord (pun intended) with me.

I don’t want to say too much for fear of ruining the brilliant shock value of this track, but let’s just say that you haven’t heard the true beauty of gangsta lyrics expousing the tribulations of daily life in the hood until you’ve heard them incarnated as rockabilly. That’s all I’m sayin. Now click this link and listen to the song.

Continuing today’s trend of worthless blabbering and irrelavent information, there has finally been an interview with the infamous Ellen of Apple Switcher fame which you can read by going here. You know, as often as I mention her, it’s a wonder I don’t have an Ellen section on the site yet. (Hmmmmmmmm.)

And let’s round out the day with something that actually pertains to Japan. Many people aren’t aware of it until they come here, but big-time celebrities are big-time sell outs. No, I’m serious. They’ll actually whore out their image for nothing more than huge piles of money. I know, it’s hard to believe!! But the ugly truth is available for your downloading pleasure at a nifty corner o’ th’ web called Japander, which keeps a large library of TV and print commercials of people like Meg Ryan hocking cars, Harrison Ford slamming brews and Whoopi Goldberg pushing…. well, it doesn’t really matter what she’s pushing, I’m always going to think, “Hey, it’s Guinan” when I see her and then go buy some Star Trek stuff, so it’s pointless for her to push anything else.

Anyway, it’s a fun site to check out (even better if you have the bandwidth to download multiple television spots) and see just how much respect you can loose for your favorite celebrity in the space of 30 seconds. Check it out.

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