ChristmasWeek™: Top 5 Christmas Songs

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I forgot to mention that the results are in from last weeks “Where did you hear about Hair Flap?” poll. And the results state that either the six people that voted visit the site about ten times a day… from different computers, OR most of you couldn’t be bothered to vote. Either way, I’m writing the whole thing off as a loss. I’ll just have to be content with not knowing where the hell all you lovely people are coming from. (Although if you’d like to say hi, emails of brief greeting are certainly never shunned.)

Continuing on with the Holiday Hay-Ride this week, I thought I’d touch on the music thing today. I mean, is there anything more Christmas-y about Christmas than Christmas music, Christmas, Christmas? (Those last two ‘Christmas’es were only mentioned to ensure that this sentence had the most instances of that word than any other on this page. A distinction it was already well on it’s way to achieving anyway, but I didn’t want to leave anything to chance.)

Other webpages or blogs might mention their author’s Top Five Christmas Songs, but only Hair Flap has the integrity and class you’ve come to expect to have them all available for download (just right-click to save the little buggers). So here you go, people, my…

Top 5 Christmas Songs:

1) Santa Claus is Coming to Town [Live] – Bruce Springsteen This track is so spontaneous and fun, I can hardly stand it. Honestly though, any track where the performers are having so much fun that they can’t help laughing to the point they botch the lyrics, is going to go far in my book.

2) Sleigh Ride – Les Anderson Yes, it’s the version from the infamous Gap ad. When that low brass kicks in on the third chorus, wherever I may be, you can bet I’m dancing.

3) Merry Christmas, Baby – Elvis Presley Christmas, meet the Blues. Mr. Presley here will be helping you two get aquainted.

4) Last Christmas – Wham! I blame pop radio for forcing this on me year after year until now, finally, when I hear it, I think of Christmas and get all misty eyed. P.S. – No, I’m not gay.

5) Christmas in Hollis – Run DMC It was in Die Hard, need I say more?

Honorable Mention – Character’s Christmas from the Ranma 1/2 1992 Music Calendar. A cute ensemble ditty featuring the voice cast of Ranma 1/2. Here’s the translated lyrics if you really want to know what they’re saying. What do you expect from the country that gave us Santa on a Crucifix? 😉

Some of these are quite eclectic, and there are obviously quite a few classics missing from the list, such as just about any version of White Christmas which is without a doubt the best Christmas song that has been or ever will be sung about the Happy Holiday in question, but I figured it doesn’t really say a lot about a person to just name a bunch of standards that everyone else likes as well. I mean, that’s why they’re standards, everyone likes them. What do you learn about a person when they say their favorite Christmas songs are White Christmas, Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls? So, I thought with this list I’d mention the oddballs that have made it into my yearly tradition, that not everyone may agree with or even know about, but nonetheless help make Christmas what it is to me.

Although I certainly hope you all know about Christmas in Hollis. I mean, for God’s sake, people!! It’s a Christmas song spawned from Die Hard!! The mere mention of which will serve as our segue into tomorrow’s topic. Can you guess what it might be about? Oh, I think you can.

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