ChristmasWeek™: Top 5 Christmas Movies

by Dec 21, 20020 comments

To wrap things up for this week’s Christmas ramblings, I finally want to mention that I have not just one, but a bevy of Christmas films that carry the Christmas spirit and get me in the mood so fast it’d make your head spin. In order, here are my…

Top 5 Christmas Movies:

1) Die Hard (no, really)

2) White Christmas

3) Die Hard 2 (Look, I never claimed to be well-adjusted)

4) Scrooged

5) Ranma 1/2 OAV – Tendo-Family Christmas Scramble

I could probably comment on all of these in depth, but it’s already 6pm on Saturday and I really need to get some groceries and clean up this apartment so I’m just gonna list em for now and perhaps comment on them more next week. School’s out so lord knows I’ll have enough time.

Have a good weekend, kids. I’m out.

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