Chivalry doesn’t always work as planned

by Feb 23, 20030 comments

Erg. Is there anything worse than waking up 10 stupid minutes before your alarm goes off? No… no, I didn’t think there was.

So, as I’m coming out of the grocery store the other day, I notice a little old lady right behind me. I figure she’s leaving too, so I hold the door open for her. She immediately starts bowing and apologizing and thanking me and follows me through the first set of doors. I get to the second set of doors and she’s still back there, “Oh, thank you! I’m sorry for the trouble. Oh jeez.”

I’m like, “It’s no trouble.” So, I hold this door open for her as well and she keeps bowing at me while she’s walking (I still need to learn how to do this without looking like a tool), and spewing “Oh thank you, thank you.”

Once she’s out I follow and offer a slight bow and tell her goodbye. She gives a deep bow and once again thanks me for, what apparently was the tremendous effort of opening a door that I was going to be opening and going through anyway. I take a few steps to my bike and unlock it, then glance back to the door and the old lady… who’s going back inside!!

Seems she came all the way outside even though she wasn’t ready to leave the store, just because I held the door open for her and I guess she didn’t want to be rude and tell me she didn’t need it. Hee hee. I love this country.

Updated the Links section again. They’re both sites I’ve mentioned before, but I only just got them up for your perusal. One is the endlessly amusing Japanders , which houses a vast repository of big-name celebrities in Japanese adverts, and the other is Tamir’s Delorean Site which, while blatantly irrelevant to Japan, does quite a good job in showing why even you need one of these stainless steel beauties.

Deloreans…. mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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