Same old rules: No eyes, No groin

by Feb 28, 20030 comments

Man, this has just turned out to be a janken kind of week. Today, as it’s finals week at Jr. High there’s no classes since everyone is busy flunking tests, so I went to elementary school again, this time with first-graders. Upon arriving, I was introduced to a Korean lady whom I was told I’d be teaching with today. Teaching English? No. Teaching Korean? No. Teaching something having to do with anything? Of course not.

We would be teaching janken.

The American and Korean versions of janken respectively. You see what I mean about them being obsessed with it, right?

We spent, no lie, an hour playing janken over and over and over and over. This picture on the left is the only view I saw all damn day. Then I got to each lunch with the kids and afterwards, guess what they wanted to do. Yes, they wanted to play some more janken. Over and over and over and over as a matter of fact. One girl would start jumping and yelling whenever I actually stopped to talk to someone about something other than janken. “Scott-sensei, hurry up!! Let’s janken!!!”

I never thought my arm would get tired playing Paper, Scissors, Rock. Until today, that is. <sigh>

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