Kickin’ more knowledge than your momma’s got leg hairs!

by Mar 24, 20030 comments

I don’t have a whole lot to yap about at the moment, what with school being out and all, so I’ll regale you with some interesting nuggets o’ Japanese language this week. So let’s dust off the DFP KaiSho Medium font and get to work!

First off, we’ve got this: how to say “booger” in Japanese.

This, perhaps predictably at this point, literally means “nose shit.” No I don’t mean “nose crap” (which would be “hana-unko”), kuso is actually the word for “shit”. Look it up, I’m not yanking your proverbial chain on this. Yeah, just go ahead and file that one under “try to use in actual conversation”.

I’ll be back with a less graphic, but equally interesting, bit o’ Japanese tomorrow. Toddles.

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