Thriving, Growing, Throbbing

by May 10, 20030 comments

As I’m sure you can imagine, there’s a lot of goofing off that takes place when me and Fletcher congregate anywhere, and this is also (perhaps especially) true of when we’re in the Town Office every Monday.

We generally have fuck-all to do there, so we usually end up doing exactly fuck-all for the entire day. Lately though, we’ve been charged with producing an updated version of the Fukuma English Town Guide, which is a little helpful hint book that’s given to foreigners who register for their Foreign Registration Identification Card with the Town of Fukuma. It’s been kind of fun actually having something to do while in the office the past few weeks and has definitely helped the days go by a little quicker.

As expected tho, nothing can go down without a little inside humor here and there. While I was coming up with the layout for the Introduction page, I realized that I needed some text for composition purposes, but didn’t have any of the content written yet.

So in one brief succession of rapid-fire keystrokes, this stream-of-conciousness rambling plopped onto the page, accenting a particularly goofy afternoon of already bizarre humor. I offer it here, so you can see the kind of boredom we have to deal with in the office and how we (or I, anyway) choose to deal with it: baseless defamation of character and Star Wars references.

BTW, I’ll probably post the whole English Town Guide as a PDF once it’s finished, just for the fun of it. Probably won’t be that useful to anyone, but it might be fun anyway.

PS – Fletcher’s not really gay… I don’t think.
PPS – Fukuma’s not gay either. How could it be? I mean, really now…

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