Japan Blog Roundup

by May 12, 20030 comments

I was recently looking over the logs and was noticing that my overall traffic has been consistently up for quite a while now. Wondering where everyone was coming from, I pulled up the referring site logs and have come across a few pages that have actually linked to Hair Flap for one reason or another (I swear it has nothing to do with blackmail). I was surprised that no one mentioned anything to me when linking, but I figured out of pure web-courtesy it would be nice for me to link them back, especially since some of these sites seem pretty damn good.

Recently Heard in Fukuma:

“Dammit, I hate it when you Vogue!!”

-New Zealand Matt, demonstrating his blatant inability to appreciate the genius of my dancing prowess.

I’ve only just started reading some of these so I can’t give too in-depth of a review on anything yet. Just giving a heads up to you and a shout out to them.



Easterwood.org/hmmn The Japan blog of Kurt Easterwood. I bow down to this site. The layout is so clean and simple and there’s so many little touches of neat code, some of which I’m dying to learn for the upcoming version of Hair Flap. He’s got some very insightful entries and his photography… kicks…ass!!

Achikochi Weblog of an apparently Dutch gentleman, Vincent who lives in Yokohama. I say apparently because his info page is a little sparse, though it does contain this beautiful gem: “In one word, my whole life is one futile, useless hobby.” Haha, brilliant. What’s cool is, he has it set up so he can update from his cel phone, which means there’s lots of little trivial, slice-of-life entries straight from Japan. (Strantely, he doesn’t seem to have me linked anymore, even though he did a week or so again, when I last checked. Hmmm.)

Japan-Japan.com In it’s own words, “A site for Japanophiles and lovers of Japanese Philately.” Riiiiiiiiight. There’s an extensive links page, with a metric shit-ton of Japan blogs for you to check out and where I am referred to as Scott Fukuma. Not a bad ring to it.

Spaceport Nagaoka You should all know Nicole by now. Her site got a bit a facelift and some new entries recently. Nicole’s writing continues to kick arse, but whatever happened to the serial murder mystery, hmmmmmm, Nicole? 😉

Tempest Desgins Buffy not only designed and maintains Nicole’s site, but also updates her own site’s layout every time she changes her socks. My god, she changes her site a lot and it always looks like a million bucks!! Anyway, she’s nice enough to link my unworthy html so I’d like to do the same for her and her collection of daily musings.

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