Excuse of the Day

by May 22, 20030 comments

Yeah, I know I said there’d be pictures today (and they are actually half prepared), but that was before Goddamn piss-ant Ghost Recon pissed me off to the point that I can taste my own bile.

Please explain to me how a backwoods, Russian hick rebel can pick off a US Spec Ops sniper, covered in camouflage, laying on the ground over 400 yards away, on the first shot and with an assault-rifle, no less!!?!? I mean, I can barely hit this guy with my super-ultra-death sniper rifle, but he can turn and hit me in mid-stride with his AK-47 as soon as he hears my shot???


And it’s not like I could let that pass so I had to keep playing over and over. So yeah, I was preoccupied. Sorry. >:-(

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