Kyoto Photos (Pt 2 of 3)

by Aug 30, 20030 comments

One evening, I’m making some tea in my room when I notice, of all things, a praying mantis on my floor! I’m not sure at the time, but I recall hearing something once about how they’re poisonous and kind of dangerous…

Unfortunately, my internet connection is 300 miles away in Fukuoka so I can’t look it up real quick. I decide that Operation Catch-Mantis-in-Empty-Ramen-Bowl is the more prudent course of action, just in case.

Phase 1 is a complete success!! Next I just need to slide a sheet of paper underneath so I can life the whole shebang up and relocate mantis-chan out of my window.

I chuck the guy out the window and he flies a short way, landing on the building to the left. Operation Catch-Mantis-in-Empty-Ramen-Bowl has been an unqualified triumph of technology and strategy working together.

PS – Turns out that they’re generally not poisonous and, as long as I’m not an insect, butterfly, or small bird(!!), chances are I was pretty safe. Who knew?

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