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by Oct 23, 20030 comments

Our “Corrections & Apologies” editor has informed me of a grievous miscarriage of justice-itude in yesterday’s post. I asserted that I had been directed to the Matrix Essays site by Malik, which is actually true; Malik IM’ed me the link and I clicked on it. The other half of the story is that just a few weeks ago on September 19th, the very same site had been pointed out to me by my friend in Kumamoto, Squidley. (Yeah, I know, ‘Squidley? wtf??’)

I hereby apologize to Squidley(there it is again, wtf?) and hope that this setting-straight of the record has comforted and appeased his dainty ego. ^_-

Before I leave the Matrix topic behind until I have the chance to see the movie in a couple weeks, I want to mention to any potentially interested parties that there is a Matrix-related Alternate Reality Game, similar to the one that was done for the A.I. release(which is a FASCINATING read, the events of which are archived here), happening online right now. For those not familiar with ARG’s, basically the concept is that the world of said movie is recreated on a series of web pages that usually contains some kind of mystery that begs anyone with access to the internet to try and solve it. Coolest part is that it’s not at all limited to the internet, it often expands to include, email, phone messages, faxes and even real events that all deepen the mystery. Worth a look-see for those that like to be intrigued and/or creeped out.

I’ve got some more Japan-ish stuff to rant about, but I’ll save it for tomorrow since it just wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the mental chum I’ve whipped up here today. Bleck.

PS – How I’ve lived until now without the Insult Generator, I do not know. (Great URL too!!)

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