The Muppets Take Fukuma

by Nov 1, 20030 comments

Last night, me and Big Matt went to our newest, favorite bar in Nishijin called Wag Tabo, for a Halloween party. We somehow managed to eventually get back to my place and crash hard, waking up the next morning only to have soul-crushing hangovers which resulted in the following conversation, now appearing Center Stage in the Recently Heard box. Nothing I say could enhance how amazing it already is.

Recently Heard in Fukuma

Big Matt: Oh, man. I feel like a Big Bucket o’ Shit.

Me: I feel like I’m in a muppet movie… and all the muppets are crapping on me.

Big Matt: I feel like a giant jock strap.

Me: I feel like a million bucks. If it were being crapped on by muppets.

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