Not One of Those Bogus Everyday Miracles, Like a Sunrise

by Dec 2, 20030 comments

Recently Heard in an English Class Trivia Game:

Me: What does it mean when you make a promise while crossing your fingers behind your back?

Student: “Fuck you”?

[sound of me slapping my forehead]

Children are so cute when they don’t understand the strength of the English they’re using. It reminds me of when my brother was still a wee lad in grade school and kept calling me a ‘dildo’. My Mom happened to hear it once and said, “Um, honey. Do you know what that word means?” To which he brilliantly replied “No, but Scott’s one!!” I didn’t hear the rest of that conversation, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t get better than that.

Just a few public service announcements today:

The Rainforest Site is having a holiday drive to save 75 million square feet of forest before January 1st and for each day you click they’ve doubled the normal amount donated. Since I care for breathing a great deal, I click on this site both from home and from work every day and I encourage other carbon-based life-forms to take a look and do the same if it suits them. (There’s also a link to their affiliated Hunger Site, which helps feed hunrgy people and they’ve doubled their donations there as well. I don’t care for humans as much as trees, but it’s still a good cause.)

On a Japan-related note, remind me to never get caught doing anything at any time under any circumstances, because according to the events surrounding the Nick Baker case, the Japanese “Justice” System only recognizes the basic rights it claims it grants everyone when it damn well feels like it. Apparently, little things like lack of due process, denial of counsel, and dodgy judges who have never issued a “not-guilty” verdict in their 15-year careers do not make it feel damn well like it. Looks like I’ll not be leaving my flat except to go to work or get food until my contract is up and it’s time for me to go. :O This is a very disturbing read and I suggest anyone who’s here or planning on coming here to look over this.

The system isn’t all bad though; hell, I knew a guy who knocked out not one, but TWO Japanese cops (like stone-cold, they-didn’t-get-back-up, knocked them out) who had the misguided notion that it was a good idea to come between him and his bottle of Jack while he was on the beach lamenting over how his girlfriend had just ripped his heart out. Granted, the other three cops proceeded to beat the shit out of him, but he didn’t get thrown into prision by a dirty judge after a dodgy trial. So there ya’ go. (See, Tom? I was able to tell the story without using your name…. woop!)


(Just kidding, his name’s not Tom.)

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