Vindication at Last

by Feb 17, 20040 comments

IFYeah, yesterday was the site fulfilling it’s purpose of keeping friend’s up to date on things that others might not know about. Sorry if you were left confused. Now on to the fun stuff!

I recently and randomly got an email from an employee of one of the bigger Mac publications here in Japan, MacPeople, asking me if they could publish one of my photos in their mag and use the series it came from on the CD-ROM that comes with their magazine. Awesome or what?

mpmag-spreadSuffice it to say I was very pleased when they asked and even more pleased when the complimentary issue came in the mail the other day. You can see here the page it was on (fairly early on page 20, no less) with a close-up of my name and this humble URL. Yay for me!

IFGranted, it’s a pretty small photo and they’re organized alphabetically so ‘Transmission’ ended up near the end of the bunch, but what can you do? I’m just thrilled to be a published aritist. Now if I could only make money off of doing it somehow.

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