Tokyo Photos are Coming

by Jul 6, 20040 comments

I was in Tokyo for a week; I meant to mention it before I left and even typed out a post and everything then forgot to upload it to the server. <sigh> Anyway, I’m back and have a few choice photos (of the over 400 that I took!!) that I hope to have up sometime before the weekend.

Unfortunately, updates are going to continue to be sparse for the next two weeks or so as I’m insanely busy with preparations for going home and the countless parties/dinners/etc that come with my impending departure on the 25th. Honestly, I have a farewell party or dinner EVERY NIGHT for the next week!! Woe is me. 😛

Anyway, I promise that I’ll make a concerted effort to get some photos or something up here before the weekend just to show that I haven’t forgotten the nice people that come visit. Also, apologies to people who are waiting on email responses from me, email has also suffered during vacation and, what has now become, scramble time.

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