A Gallery of Panoramic Photos From the Last 3 Years

by Sep 13, 20040 comments

So moving on to the Japan/Fukuma-retrospectives, I’ve found it’s been kind of difficult to get around to writing these things up. It’s only been a month since I’ve been back, but Japan seems so long ago already. I’ve been so preoccupied with getting a car, getting organized and ready to move back east that I haven’t taken enough time to properly reflect on where I am and where I’ve just come from, life-directionally speaking. Then I start to get even more self-conscious when I consider that if things are fading that fast for me, how fast must interest be fading for the readers who don’t even know me outside of this site. How dedicated can one really be to the blog of a stranger?

Then all that changed when I just got the bill for the domain-renewal last week and I thought, “If I’m paying for this goddamn site to be on the that thar interweb, I’d damn-well better update the motherfucker!” Especially being that this weekend was the 3-year anniversary of the very first Hair Flap entry.

So I’m back again to try and ride this sucker out to the bitter end.

Okay, so I think I promised someone some of the last Engrish that I had rounded up and never got around to posting. Better late than never, baby. Eight instances of where grabbing a native English speaker off the street and paying him or her $20 to be an ‘English Consultant’ would have saved a company some embarrassment and robbed the rest of us of some snickering. Enjoy em cause they’re the last I’ve got. 🙁

Last up for today is a bit of photo-retrospective thang. When you buy a Canon digital camera, it comes bundled with a handy little program called Photostitch, which justifies the disk space it takes up by joining multiple photos into a seamless panorama. If you’re thinking about buying a Canon camera, or are crafty enough to find this app elsewhere, and are wondering if it’s worth all the money/effort, I offer this plethora of examples from my own catalog of panoramic photos.

I’ve been taking multi-photo panos ever since I got a digital camera 3 years back, but have never got around to assembling half of them because it’s such a pain in the @$$ to do it by hand in Photoshop. Now that Photostitch turns it into a 30-second proposition I’ve been going back and redoing all the panos from my past three years in Japan that I had hoped would, but never have, made it to the Flap.

I think we can all agree that I’ve already talked too much. On with the photos.


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