My Friend Made an Expo!

by Sep 13, 20040 comments

I obviously never got around to “an update before the end of the week.” Apologies to all who checked back in the hopeful belief that I was not a complete incompetent. There’s nothing I can say to make that un-bad so let’s just move along, shall we?

Part of the reason of the delay was my attendance at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle. If you don’t know what this was, there’s probably little point in regaling you with the gory details, suffice it to say, my good friend Robert successfully pulled off a video game industry first by organizing a consumer-level E3 that didn’t suck*.

Of particular interest to Flap readers, since I like to bring your attention to good music from time to time, is the musical guests that rocked the event.

  • The Minibosses add a rockin’ punk flare to (are you ready for this?) covers of theme music from old NES games. That’s all they do. Until you’ve heard a Zelda, Castlevania or Super Mario Brothers medley done with three thrashing guitars and some pounding drums, you just haven’t relived your 80’s childhood as well as you could have done.
  • Optimus Rhyme has, without a doubt, the coolest band name ever. They do the laying of nerdy rhymes over kickass guitar backings and all, but dammit… their name. It’s so cool!! I also met them on site the day before PAX and they were really nice guys. Just check em out, they’re good.
  • And if you don’t already listen to MC Frontalot, who was also there, and who I also hung out with, and who was also very nice, I don’t know if there’s hope for you. You have the link, start downloading now.

*i.e. it fucking rocked


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