Cats in Ikebukuro

by Apr 28, 20150 comments

Lots of cats roaming the streets around this neighborhood.


As we consider our cat less of a pet and more of a member of the family, of course we brought her along with us to Japan. Most people are surprised to hear how well she handles travel. Even at the ripe old age of 18 years, she’s super adventurous and loves card rides and exploring new spaces.

Versa chills out on the floor of our Ikebukuro apartment.

Versa chills out on the floor of our Ikebukuro apartment.

I mean, check this out. This video is from the plane ride over, she was with us in her carrier and we wanted to make sure she stayed hydrated since it was a 14-hour flight, so Mary brought along an eyedropper to give her water at regular intervals. Look at her cute little tongue!!

A few days after we got in and settled to the temporary apartment, we put her on a leash and let her wander around outside the apartment a little. There were so many sniffs!





We should be moving to Sendai as it’s getting warm. We’ll probably have a veranda and I can’t wait to see Versa laying out in the sun as she loves to do. I’d say she’s having a pretty good little kitty-retirement.

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