I took a brief stroll through the area around Ueno Station a few weeks ago. There was a hint of Spring about but it was still pretty brisk out.


Music store off of one of the shopping streets in Ueno.

Music store off of one of the shopping streets in Ueno.


Ueno is well known among other things for it’s huge and amazing park, which has several temples and shrines, four museums and a freakin’ zoo! While I didn’t have time to explore that much, I did come across a few open-air stalls that had various crafts and antiques available for sale.

One of the stalls was comprised of stacks and stacks of old printed material spanning decades and decades of books, newspapers, pamphlets, etc. It was amazing, I could have spent all weekend looking through these things.





Old newspapers used to have furigana with the kanji so you knew how to pronounce it?? I demand this be reinstated immediately!

I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I visit this park.


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