B-Sides: Streets of Sendai

by May 25, 20172 comments

When I make a post, there’s usually some kind of general theme or timeframe that ends up grouping the images into some kind of coherent collection, but there’s always orphans of that process. I’ll invariably end up with a few odd shots here and there that don’t particularly fit a theme or number enough to warrant their own post. Such as this little lovely.

While searching my library for a specific shot the other day, I kept passing shots that weren’t too bad but that I’d never got around to posting here because of my tendency to want a focus of some kind for each post. In a moment of idle inspiration, I figured why not gather these into a recurring motif where all the shots that don’t otherwise have a home can go.

So here we are in the first installment of B-Sides, where the photos that don’t have anywhere to call home can get their due. Today, as you’ve no doubt gathered, we revisit our time in the lovely city of Sendai. A city where this building exists, which is interesting because it features the kabuto (samurai helmet) ornament of it’s founder, Masamune Date (who you can see wearing his iconic helmet in this photo here).

Just remember, if you need to advertise your English conversation school, white chicks with hairspray-drenched, early 90’s hairstyles is the way do it!

And here, at a street corner not too far from our old apartment and where I once took my dry cleaning, I leave you until next time. Cheers!

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