Farewell to Ikebukuro

by Sep 22, 20150 comments


Early in the morning, a group of colleagues who are either on their way to work or heading home after an all-nighter. Probably the former since they still had plenty of energy.

As promised, this will be the last post of backdated Tokyo photos, this time all of them coming from the immediate vicinity of the temporary apartment Mary and I stayed in for the few months we were there. Not a lot of commentary this time around, I think I’ve said everything I have to say about this great area of Tokyo in other posts already. We’ll just let the images from various strolls and wanderings be our guide today. 🙂


Our apartment, nestled at the end of a quiet, narrow street.

You’ll often see something like this on the streets of Japan, keys or a small purse or something that someone dropped, hung up in plain view by someone who came across them. These have obviously been there for a while, somehow I don’t think the owner is coming back for them.






A neglected window display showing a weathered real estate listing.

Upon closer inspection, we see the listing is for “One-Room apartments popular with young single ladies.”

And to wrap up, we’ll revisit one of the first images I posted upon arriving in Tokyo back in March, this time at night. Sadly we never did go to this restaurant while we were there. It’s hard to be too sad about it though. It gives us something to look forward to when we go back someday.


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